Rapiga LipikeeEdit

Rapiga Lipikee is a cathedral in the settlement of Casare. Construction began in the 1432 durring the begging of the renaissance. Consctruction halted several times do to lack of stone producing quarry mines. It finnaly finished within 250 years on May 23rd 1682. Casare really has provided a major iconic landmark in the settlement of Casare. The building is used for religious matters of Cowism and the Rapiga (God) often stays part of the year in the building. A notable affect that the cathedral had on the people is the creation of the holiday Aphawga which is a celebration of the day that Rapiga Lipikee was completed.

  • Aerial View of all the Wonder Grounds
  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Left Side View
  • Right Side View

The Cathedral of Rapiga LipikeeEdit

The cathedral is a simple repeatiting design with two main base towers and a large glass front window. The design was ment to raise the skyline and to be seen from everywhere inside of the settlement Casare. To prevent snow from caving in the roofs had to be designed highly slanted. The whole design is well older than the new Chevekian style which has alot more uses of domes.

  • Aerial View of Cathedral
  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Side View

The Spire of Rapiga LipikeeEdit

The spire of Rapiga Lipikee was designed as bell tower to notify people when to go to church to practice Cowism. The spire features one of the longest spiral stairs having over 500 steps. The Bell is also one of the largest in the world having a low pitched sound.

  • Spire

Grand Gardens of Rapiga LipikeeEdit

Durring construction Rapiga Lipikee decided that the structure itself would not be well enough and would feel deserted or lifeless. He wanted to create a place where all was welcome and all could enjoy so he asked Pevian Goriaki to bring life to the structure. In turn he decided to make a garden like no other, one that would span many meters past the cathedral. One that would provide shelter to birds and exotic plant species.

  • Gardens Aerial View
  • View Near Ground Level

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