This is what the French Refugees made their flag.

Rangstam is located in modern day Albania. It was founded after the French Revolution by Louis XVI loyalists.

History of RangstamEdit

Rangstam was made 2 years after Louis died. Rangstam had to kick out the Ottomans and Austrains who had taken the Albanian coastline. After doing so they made General Alexandre de Beauharnais their leader.

Rangstam MilitaryEdit

Rangstam's military is focused on land units.

Rangstam SettlementsEdit


Ben Gania-Colony

Foreign RelationsEdit


Trading Pacts-Chevek


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History of Rangstam-Edit

Rangstam was founded in Serbia, Montenagro, and Albania by French refugees. Rangstam soon became a fishing and tourism hotspot.


Rangstam is at war with none and is allied with all of it neighbors. Their President and Military Mastermind is Bobby1122333/Bobby11223333


This is what the French Refugees made their flag.

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