Introduction to DaedlaanEdit

Daedlaan combat cover

Race;automaton- Society/government; utopian socialism- Technological level; Tier 2,border 3

It is unknown exactly when the Daedlaan first came to power, or what happened to their creators, though several it is known their rise was violent, and short lived.theor.  True Daedlan are, to put it bluntly, are a collection of independent, self sufficient artificial intelligences capable of space travel and management of an empire. Their acting home base is in orbit of the new Promethian homeworld of Mansora.

Overview of DaedlaanEdit

The Daedlaan were first discovered by the galaxy at large a few centuries back, and have established themselves as a reclusive, relatively harmless stellar nation with little to no interest in galactic politics. However, this does not make them completely ignorant to happenings of the universe. They have been known to react-harshly-to pirate or slaver activity,  invading pirate bases and sterilizing them completely, or outright destroying them from orbit. The Daedlaan have initiated first contact with some races, and have relations with several other empires, as well as a client race, whom manage some of the worlds under the Collective's banner.

Appearance of DaedlaanEdit

The standard chassis of a standard Daedlaan infantry unit tends to vary, though they favor a standard advanced mammalian build (see human), though have been known to go for several other models, including a large, digitigrade chassis that is normally deployed on high-grav worlds.


Figures of their armed forces are unknown, however it is estimated to be above-average, considering the lack of need for things such as currency in a hivemind or 'golden socialism', where everything is to be shared. Daedlaans do favor a spinal, heavy mass driver as the main gun of choice on most military warships, though, with energy weapons bieng secondaries.


Daedlaans are isolationist, but are not xenophobic and will generally not attack unless prevoked. Deep territory trespasses, piracy, and blockades are generally met with a swift-and brutal-military response, usually through means of one or more of their MSAS-533 battlecruisers. Most races are on rather neutral terms with them, and not much trade traffic is seen,though it does exist. 


The Daedlaan are seemingly allied with one of their largest client races, the Prometheans, whom partake in most outside relations in lieu of a Daedlaan drone. They hail from Ghibalb, which was rendered uninhabitable by supernovae irradiating the world to a wasteland. They eventually encountered the Daedlaan, and have been 'partners in crime', so to speak, for centuries.

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