• Any history is refrenced form real life and some is fabricated

Germanic periodEdit

The Hessian area that is know today produced hte germanic tribes best bezerker warriors. The Hessian chief united the tribes and took down Rome after the Mongol invasion.

Hessian state period: 1700Edit

The soldiers form the Hessian state were known for their fighting skills and were enlisted by Spain,Britain, Poland, and Hungary in their wars. Were mostly renknowned for their part in the american revolution. After a ew years the Stronger Prussian Empire took over the Hessian state and it wa slost for years

Germany: 2017Edit

Germany split into a bunch of difrrent states where Hessia split form Germany and made their own nation. They then started beating the other nearer states. President Wiender lead the split an dlead the state to victory many times.

Hessia: 2068Edit

Began trading with the VVBZr and Canada and was becoming a Trade Empire. Soon the VVbzr started to conquer the weak northern states like hessia did to the southern ones. The VVBzr has been on good standings with Hessia ever since. Thge Hessians faced a humilitating defeat at the hands of the Japanese and Russians.

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