The Principality of Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港公國) is a small Nation state Northwest of the South China sea. For a small nation, Hong Kong is a Economic power, which makes it one of the Worlds most richest nations, and it has the lowest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by 8.7 CPI. It also has the worlds lowest Unemployment rate, which is at 0.1%, and as well as the worlds lowest poverty rate, with over 0.6% of its people living under USD$1.25 a day. Hong Kong also has the worlds highest Human Development Index, scoring 0.901, which is Very high. Hong Kong is also the worlds most crowded and most densley populated area, with over 34,540 people per Square mile. Hong Kong continues to become a Culture, Economic, and Political power in the following years.

Hong Kong Misc informationEdit

Misceallous information on Hong Kong.

Population: 29,543,776

Capital (and largest city): Hong Kong City

Hong Kong's current flag since 1765.

Second largest City: Kowloon

Government: Constitutional Monarchy, with Democratic-Nationalist-Anarchist-Conservative-Communistic parliament

  • Parliament: Happy Valley Alley
  • (768 seats)
  • Largest Parties: Democratic Party (85%), United Anarcho-Liberals (10%), Free Nationalists (7%), Conservative Party (2%), Communist Party (1%)
  • ​King: Markus XVI
  • President: Hu Chow Kai (DP)
  • Prime Minister: William Sherton (FN)
  • Secretary of Defense: Zhi Kao San(UA-L)
  • Economic Advisor: Trina Salington (DP)

​Anthem: Gong Jin'ou (Cup of Solid Gold)

Motto: "Long Live the Emperor and his Successors!"

GDP: $13.543 Trillion

Poverty rate: 0.6%

Unemployment Rate: 0.1%

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)

CPI: 8.7


125BC-543 AD - Kwijaonikselao Caliphrate

543 AD-1432- Hong Kong Sultunate

1432-1732- Chinese/British Occupation

1732-present- Principality of Hong Kong

Primary TV channels: BBC Hong Kong (BBCHK) and Hong Kong Central (HKC)

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