The Principality of BurgundyEdit

Principality of Burgundy
Burgundian Flag


Francois Decamont


Jesper Chenault

Government Type


Administrative System

Maison du Gouvernement (House of Government)

Judicial System

Cour de Rois (Royal Court)




L'argent Bourguignon (The L'argent)

Common Language

Francais-Deutsche (French-German)


Wine, Bauxite


Lumber, Ores

Soon after the Republic State of Hessia seceeded from Germany, it took over control of newly aqquired France. One of the regions that needed reign was Burgundy. To ease the load on Hessia, Hessia alloted the region of Burgundy to become a vassal state. Burgundy would have it's own economy and government, but would pay a percentage of all taxes aqquired by the Government. In return, Hessia would protect Burgundy. Francois Decamont, the Hessian government official tasked to be the head of Burgundy. He quickly set up the government to be a Principality, and he would become the Monarch. He also then setup the Maison du Gouvernement, the Burgundian equivalent of a parliament.

The Land of BurgundyEdit

Located in Central France, Burgundy is a lush, yet diverse region. Made up of plainslands, forests, and mountains, Burgundy is home to many natural resources. The climate and temperature of the region makes the area perfect for growing grapes, the main export of Burgundy. While the fact of climates and temperature is no longer a factor due to hydroponic farms (see Economics), making wine in Burgundy has been a cultural mainstay for many decades.


A political map showing Burgundy (in purple) in relations to other countries in Europe.


A large dome farm similar to the ones in Burgundy.


The Principality of Burgundy is a fledgeling nation, with limited economic power. But despite the limitations, they are known for exporting some of the best wine. As stated above, the climate made the area perfect for grape growing. Years of culture has brought Burgundy to being famed for its wine. They grow their staple crops and wine graps in large domes with hydroponic technology. Due to lack of other natural resources, and lack of funds to construct methods of accessing other natural resources in the area, Burgundy is forced to import ores and lumber. Burgundy is also a landlocked region and (currently) has no access to ports.

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