Geokilmego is settled in North-East of the Korean Peninsula.

The Flag of GeokilmegoEdit

The Flag Of This Nation.

The Flag writing says. May The Prince live Forever

The Hangul writing says May The Prince Live Forever.


It has been told that the early people Left form the Far eastren Islands (maby Japan) because of a cruel leader. When the People settled to a small stretch of land thay created a town called Jeokumigo(north east of the korean Peninsula). A man who is unamed created a religon called Dengful.


It have been told that a unamed man created the religon Dengful or others called it Dengfulism. Denfulism is praticed in homes rather then churchs. The unamed one said: Animals process powers like the Fox, thay have powers to grow crops and some known to bend time and space, others shape shift in to a very beautiful woman or a highly wise old man. Then there is the Bear the animal of endless strenght and great wealth, thay are also the guardians of the world. Lets not also forget the Rabbit the animal of luck and happiness.


The culture is a mix of japanese, korean, chinese. There music is mostly played with a Erhu (chinese violin), Yanggeum (korean hammered dulcimer), Shamisen (japanese plucked guitar like thing), and a Sanshin (japanese banjo). Thay also praticed a Martical Art called Xaoibok (mix of Kung-Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, judo, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Hapkido). Theres also a chery blossom festival that is held annualy.


Geokimego Armed ForcesEdit

The Military is known to use Xaoibok with there modern weapons. The military usualy don't heavy machinery like tanks and APCs, instead thay use Anti vehical weapons like PRGs and anti-materiel rifles. But thay still use conventonal weapons that other troops use.

Geokimego Army AirforceEdit

The GAA has been created and the Airforce is ready for action

Other InfoEdit

Town/Captical: Jeokumigo

Resources Used: Coal (twenty tons) and Iron (a couple thousand pounds)

Temperautre is: 76°F

Resources Exported: Rice

Population: 10,021

FDK Citizens: 2,239

Languages: Hangul

Weather: Warm and Sunny

BREAKING NEWS!: The nation of Geokilmego has became independant due to the assassination of the FDK presdent Ebnit and the FDK disbanment. Local but now main military, guard the city of Jeokumigo form the militias and FDK civilians escaped to Geokilmego have gain citizenship but as refugees. Refugee camps are set up to house the refugees.

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