Portuguese Flu Strain


Map of World in the First Sightings

Map of the World in the Second Siightings

Starting Region

Union of Iberia and Colonies

Disease Start Date

Days Passed


Infected Population


Dead Population


The Portuguese flu strain is an ongoing epedemic, discovered on (Date), appeared in the Union of Iberia and Colonies, and quickly spread to neighboring and overseas nations. 


The Portuguese flu comes in specific symptoms that attacks the host.

Stage 1Edit

The virus is domant

Stage 2Edit

The infected shows flu-like symptoms

Stage 3Edit

The virus reveals intense diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, and excessive saliva production

Stage 4Edit

The infected is dead.

First SightingsEdit


Second SightingsEdit

The Second sightings shows and even stronger and deadlier version of the virus. The strain was discovered in a hospital in Ferrol, and quickly speard across the world due to tourism. It was believed to first appear in the infected after eating rare-cooked pieces of ground beef made into a burger, giving the virus another name "Cow's Diease" (not to be confused with Mad Cow Diease). 

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