The Porposian Archipelago is a series of islands, based on a tectonic plate boundary. The islands are fictional, and made to represent a mini world in climate.


The North of the islands features a small, very oil rich island. This island is much like the Siberia of Porposia. Resources are placed both according to climate and tectonics.


The island features one plate boundary, spanning many nations. The archipelago has very frequent earthquakes which are admin-controlled, and always around tectonic boundaries. The tectonic boundaries are very rich in resources, thus are normally heavily populated.


The economics of Porposia are complicated to new users. Below is a table much like the one in-game, but it can be easier to explain here.

Resource (Raw) Number of Sources Price if the sources are less than the total cities Price if the sources are equal to the number of cities Price if the sources are more than the total cities
Exotic Fruits
Bauxite (Aluminium)
Manufactured Product Cost of a Plant Requirements (And supplier) Profit upon sale (Annual) Producer
LPG 25M Oil (Ingotia) 30M Ingotia
LPG 25M Oil 30M
LPG 25M Oil 30M
LPG 25M Oil 30M
LPG 25M Oil 30M
Plastic 15M Oil (Ingotionic) 17M Ingotionic
Plastic 15M Oil 17M
Plastic 15M Oil 17M
Plastic 15M Oil 17M
Plastic 15M Oil 17M
Electronics 10M

Gold (RoS)

Iron (Ingotionic)

Aluminium (Ingotionic)

Plastic (Ingotionic)

10M Ingotionic
Cars 25M

Iron (Ingotionic)

Aluminium (Ingotionic)

Electronics (Ingotionic)

Rubber (Ingotionic)

LPG (Republic of Ingotia)

35M Ingotionic

You'll add the totals of the profits you make from both the above charts to your income. Check in game for the expenses, but from the top of my head, they are as follows:

Expense Explanation
Education 1M per 15 buildings
Academic Education 5M per 30 buildings
Police 1M per 10 buildings
Fire Service 1M per 10 buildings
Utilities 1M per 10 buildings
Factory Maintanence 3M per worked resource (For all mines and drills)
Natural Resource Replenishment 1M per natural resource

1M per 3 buildings

1M per corporate building operated (For corporations only)

Earthquake Reparations Admin symbols placed above your city will tell you this, they will be there if you've been victim of an earthquake. They apply to only marked cities. This loss is essential, even if it puts you into debt. Read the decal the admin has placed.
Seismic Observations Allows the building of a Seismic Observatory. Costs 5M per year. This will mean that TheLlamaOfGB will tell you updates about the earthquake, or give you warning of impending tsunamis. (CANNOT PREDICT EARTHQUAKES)

The above should be subtracted from your income to give a TOTAL. The total is the amount of money you add/subtract at the end of the year. If you go into debt, use a RED block to indicate the money indebtted.

Monte PorposiEdit

Monte Porposi is a large volcano on the main island of Porposia. The volcano has not erupted in a very long time, and will soon. Updates are given to Naquenesia, due to it's seismic observatory.

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