The Diamond Jubilee games are a set of Games celebrating the diamond jubilee of the polish king Artur Augustus Poniatowski who has reigned as king of Okhotsk, Poland and Kamchatka for the past 60 years.

The games will be held in two parts. A winter section, held in the winter of 2014, febuary, In the transcarpathian commonwealth province of poland. The summer section will be held in the summer and spring of 2014, may, june and july, in Warsaw, Silesian Metropole, Krakow, and Krolowiec.

Winter SectionEdit

Participating Nations in Winter Section(Number of Athletes)
  • Abkhazia(2)
  • Afghanistan(7)
  • Albania(2)
  • Altay(102)
  • Argentina(10)
  • Armenia(4)
  • Australia(61)
  • Azerbiajan(4)
  • Brazil(13)
  • Buryatia(15)
  • California(83)
  • Canada(224)
  • Czech republic, (Exiled peoples of the)(28)
  • Eastern German Confederation(16)
  • Estonia-Latvia(82)
  • Georgia(4)
  • Greece
  • Green Ukraine(31)
  • Iceland(5)
  • Iran(6)
  • Japan(113)
  • Kamchatka(41)
  • Korea(78)
  • Krasnoyarsk Siberia(45)
  • Leichtenstein(4)
  • Melanesia(1)
  • Mongolia(2)
  • Nepal(1)
  • New Zealand(15)
  • Nova Scotia(16)
  • Okhotsk(20)
  • Omsk(13)
  • Pakistan(1)
  • Peru(5)
  • Phillipines(2)
  • Poland(241)
  • Portugal(12)
  • Romania(24)
  • Sakha(12)
  • Slovakia, (Exiled peoples of)(30)
  • Togo(2)
  • Tonga(1)
  • Turkey(13)
  • Zimbabwe(1)

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