While minibuild all over is about roleplaying a country, what is a country without its people? Nothing. In PoMP we will be having players being influencial characters, instead of a whole nation. The project takes place on the continent of Livadeia, and not the Earth. The project is set to 500 AD technology, right after a sudden collapse of an Empire. The correct year is 98 AC(After the Conquest).


Pre historyEdit

about 100(actually only 98) years ago on an island off the southeastern shore of the continent, The king of Portum Regis had great ambitions, and sought to conquer Livadeia. His name was Maxentius Tatianus. He was succesful in his great plans, and thus founded the Talentinian Empire, which held the entire continent.
PoMP map3

The Continent, which the project plays out upon.

The last 100 years, 3 generations of Tatianus held the empire. In that time, they built forts, cities and likes on the continent. Mostly concentrated at the plain region of the continent.

Maxentius 33 years after his conquest, having lived 53 years on this planet. Leaving his only son to lead the continent spanding empire, Florianus was only 17 years old. And while he reigned until the age of 63, he built up the infrastructure of the continent, and managed to civilize most of the barbarians which Maxentius had conquered.

When Florianus died, his oldest son was 23 years. Egnatius had a great sense of ruling, but he was born with a silverspoon and became a toy for influencial politicians. This mean great autonomy to the continent, and many great buildings falling into decay.

But after about 100 years After the Conquest, a great catastrophe struck Portum Regis on the island of Hastam. First an earthquake shattered the great city to ruins. Then the water around the island dried out, so it was possible to walk on the seabottom to the mainland. Then a wave as big as a collosus swept over the island, killing all survivors. A few of the inhabitants managed to walk to the continent, before the wave came. Thereafter, the island sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Egnatius seems to have died with the island. He was 49 years when he died.

As the news struck the continent, the governor of the continent was killed by his own soldiers, ending the reign of Tatianus. The continent was sent directly into anarchy. An anarchy which still remains to this day.

Many forts lies abandoned because of mutiny. Villages are defenceless. Bandits roam the country. How will you enter?

First Period(99 AC)Edit

To be discussed.


How to join PoMP

General rules


War rules

Movement rules



The database.Edit

List of people

List of holdings

List of troops

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