UKHQAT House of Representatives
House of Representatives 120 Seats
Hawaii 22
Qatar 19
Nicaragua 42
Puerto Rico 36
Galapagos 1
UKHQAT House of Nobles
House of Nobles 60 Seats
Hawaii 11
Qatar 10
Nicaragua 20
Puerto Rico 18
Galapagos 1

FF0000 National Party (63), (28)

0094FF Liberal Party (38), (18)

00C617 Green Party (15), (7)

808080 Independent (4), (7)

FFFFFF Vacant (0), (0)

  • 1 House of Representative Seat represents roughly 100,000 citizens.
  • Seats in the House of Nobels are set at 60, distributed between various territories based on population with the promise of at least one Noble from each.

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