Owned by Lavi5.

Location: Central Andes


Goverment: Democracy

Resources: Marble, Wood, and Food.

Paladenia is a roughly small Village, which is perched on the cliffs of Central Andes. It cannot Trade, mostly do to the Andes Terrain, but they plan on consturcting a Dock Town to deal with this problem. Paladenia is a Peaceful Country, and is a Democracy, and elects their leaders. I, President Lavi, is the first President of Paladenia, requests only peace. Its Economy, is quite unstable, do to the fact it is new, and people haven't been in contact with anyone for years. But Paladenia aspires to conquer the Andes, becoming like or better then the Inca Empire.

Language: English/German, for most people who live in Paladenia oringinated from America and Germany.

Religion: Christianity.

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