The Ossetian National Football League(ONFL) is a organization of Football(Or in America; Soccer.) teams from the cities of Kazan, and Vladivostok, the town of Sevastopol, and the colony of Port Ispanii, making only 4 teams so far. These teams are:

  • Kazan Crocodiles(Kazan)
  • Screaming Beavers(Sevastopol)
  • Sea Monkeys(Vladivostok)
  • Fat Boars(Port Ispanii)

The ONFL hosts a tournament on the 20th and 21st of December(Moscow Time Zone), with which the 4 teams are randomly paired against each other and randomly pick 2 stadiums to compete in. The tournament is short due to lack of teams however the tournaments still attract a large crowd.

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