==Orientalepunto ==

Is a settlement that is located between Sweden and Denmark's Isles. It formed from a northern expansion of civilians due to harsher conditions in the cities and towns in the south. The town is quite coastal as a result a small fishing coummity has formed as well.

  • The Town
  • Aerial View

Defining the TownEdit

The town features a vast variety of differnces. One of which is Chevek's first mass evaporation salt ponds. This is the first salt facility which has suddenly become a large market worldwide. Another difference includes the use of tidal power, allowing high tide to refill the resevoir and when low tide releasing the water through turbines in the towers. The last major key characteristic is the lack of heavy and manufacturing industries. Instead most of the industries are focussed on providing feight and storage.

  • Evaporation Salt Ponds
  • Tidal Power
  • Freight + Storage Industries

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