On the coverage of Vietnam, the 'government' is quite horrifying in my opinion. We need to take action.

In recent news, Vietnam's oppressive government, or as we can now refer to it, the regime, has taken disturbing steps in the process of ruining the country's reputation in the eyes of the world. This includes poorly wages, lethal force, corrupt police, and very stubby diets of the populace, limited to "a few crumbs a day". Harsh work conditions and killer actions, combined with the regime of a government, Vietnam is causing uproar in the world, and most recently, has committed a ridiculous, inhumane, heinous crime.

Today, Vietnam's regime has executed 2,100,000 people through lethal injections. It will soon be identified by the International Union, as well as world powers and peacekeepers near and far. I have made this wiki because we're not supposed to let things like this happen. It is 2033.

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