-Nuovo Imperio Romano Military-Edit

The Nuovo Imperio Romano Military Branches Are Consisted Of: An Army, Navy*, Air Force, And A Special Operations Branch. There Are Also Militaristic Org. Not In The Military Branches, These Are Like The United States FBI, CIA, etc. The Military Branches Are Mostly "Choose, Pass Inspection, Join, Train" Type Of Format, The Citizens Are Not Made To But This Might Change In War Or A Shortage Of Troops. *The Marines Are In The Navy.

-List Of Militaries-Edit

Navy: Grande Flotta [Grand Fleet]

Army: Grade Esercito Di L'Impero [Grand Army Of The Empire]

Air Force: Forza Volare [Flying Force]

Special Operations: Forza Di Traquillo [Force Of Quiet]

-List Of Militaristic Organizations-Edit

Federale Ufficio Di Indagine [FUDI]

Patriottico Intelligenza Agenzia [PIA]

Guardia Costeria [GC]

Patriottico Guardia [PG]

Grande FlottaEdit

Best Cruisers [Important People]- Lorenzo D'Angelo, Cavizio, Vanza, Florenzia, Capriconra

Best Super-Battleship [Tempting Names]: Impero Distruttore

Best Aircraft Carriers [Named After Cities]- Roma, Palermo, Merzona, Caprizi

Best Destroyers [States] - Somernia, Lazcia

  • GFS Somernia In The Gulf Of Riga
  • GF Task Group 54 In The Caribbean Sea
  • GFS Capriconra Docked In Palermo
  • GFS Fiallore Class-X
  • GFS Caprizi Nearing Merzona

Best Nuclear Submarines [Leaders] - Boccaccio

Total Naval Inventory:


-Patrol Boats: 40

-Landing Craft: 64

-Cruisers: 29

-Catamaran Cruisers: 9

-Destroyers: 15

-Frigates: 10

-Nuclear Submarines: 10

-Aircraft Carriers: 20

-Battleships: 7

-Super-Battleships: 4

Supply Ships

-Cargo Ships: 17

-Electric/Oil Ships: 10

Grande Esercito Di L'ImperoEdit

  • IAS-32
  • IAS-45
  • IAS-22
  • ISR-67
  • IAS-16 Main Assault Rifle [Silencer Attached]
  • ILMG-77
  • IGL-22

-To Come-

Forza VolareEdit

The Air Force Of NIR, Not The Biggest, Not The Best, But The Most Innovative.


  • H-21 Lazia The Main Battle Helicopter For GEDL
  • A Line Of F-54's Going Off A Runway In Merzona
  • S-14 Landing On GFS Roma
  • X-67 About To Take Off Of GFS Palermo

-Cadet Level 1[Cdt1]

-Ensign [Ens]

-Mechanic [Mcn] -Mechanic Level 1[Mcn1]


-Air Sergeant[ASrg]

-Air Captain[ACpt]

-1st Lieutenant[1Lnt]

-2nd Lieutenant[2Lnt]


-General Of Forza Volare[GFV]

Forza Di TraquilloEdit

-More To Come-

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