Noumea Is the Eastern capital, Provincial Region capital of New Caledonia and The Loyalty Islands, and Capital of the South New Caledonia Province. It is situated on an irregular hilly peninsula on the south coast of New caledonias Main island Grande Terre. The city is on a protected deepwater Harbor which serves as the chief port for New Caledonia. The Majority of Foreign trade to the New Caledonia province comes through Noumea, with the majority of internal trade going through Pouebo in the north.


The first european settlement in the vacinity of Noumea was created by british trader James Paddon in 1851. In a bid to acquire control over the island the french moved their settlement in the north to the peninsula. The settlement was originally known as Port-de-France but was renamed to Noumea in 1866. The are was home to a penal colony, but later became home to Nickel and Gold miners.


The city is situated on a hilly peninsula in the south of new caledonia the Hill chain stretches north into the central mountains, Noumea is often used as a crossing for these hills.


Noumea is the Most Westernized city in Melanesia and is considered an absolute contrast to most of the cities in Melanesia. Air travel to noumea is relatively cheap and there are more sunshine days in Noumea than any other pacific island capital. The nickel processing industry is still present but is not as prominent as the Tertiary sector is dominant in the city.


The city is home to the majority of air and Boat travel companies in the east. Travel between islands and external destinations are equally as frequent making it a bustling transportation center for the south pacific. a Train line runs north to Pouebo and has recently been improved by german companies.

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