Member CorporationsEdit

North Atlantic Corporate Confederacy (NACC)

"A hand in each basket" (official)"A manu in canistro" (Latin) (traditional) "A hand in the basket"

Headquarters Confederate Towers, New York City
Main Industries Media


Fast Food

Management Conglomerate
 -  American Sector Damion Milford Allard
 -  European Sector Edwyn Brodie Cook
 -  Chairman of the Board Bruce Kennard Simons
 -  Head of Investments Gary Steph Ayres
Main Trading Currency

American Union Dollar



Internet TLD .au
  • National Broadcasting Corporation [Worth around 41 Billion AUD]
  • America Oil [Worth around [Worth around 420 Billion AUD]
  • Bank of the Colonies [Worth around 19 Billion AUD]
  • Atlantic Shipbuilding [Worth around 32 Billion AUD (Including pending contracts)]
  • TF1 Group (France) [Worth around 3.7 Billion AUD]
  • Subway (American Union) [Worth around 5.9 Billion AUD]

NET Worth of all members: 521.6 Billion AUD

Shares in:Edit

  • [Company name] [Nation of origin] [Share]
  • Union Radió (Iberia) (30%)
  • Channel Four Television Corporation (NBE) (30%)
  • Canal+ Group (France) (30%)
  • Bouygues (France) (45%)
  • Telefonica (Spain) (51%)
  • Disney (AU) (51%)


Headquarters: New York City, Confederate Towers

Corporation Type: Conglomerate

Shares for sale: 9,336

Share Price: $114.30

Shares: 9,336

Total shares: 110,400

40% Private investor

9% No ownership taken, still under the control of the incumbent CEO

51% North Atlantic Republic Government

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