New Venezian RepublicEdit

New Venezian Republic,a great country where we are all free to choose what we do,and what we must do. Our national anthem is The German National Anthem (Instrumental).

Languages spoken: Spanish:MAIN,Russian:SECONDARY

Deutsche Nationalhymne Instrumental German National Anthem Instrumental02:20

Deutsche Nationalhymne Instrumental German National Anthem Instrumental

German flag


As started with it's first name "Nuovo Venezia",it still keeps Venezia,as it has much pride in the word it's self.

Venezia started one day when a Govenor,(Current President OMGHALOREACH001/RzXN00BXzR) OMGHALOREACH001/RzXN00BXzR,came along with NIR colonists. They found the perfect place,called The Heel of Italia. He decided to call it Venezia. Then,the president of NIR changed it to Nuovo Venezia. Today,Venezia stands independant from its great mother,NIR.

Venezia is known for it's great worth,no one messes with Venezia.


Diplomatic HistoryEdit

Venezia has NOT been in any war,yet. We are currently accepting alliance requests,and also sending requests of our own aswell.

Other InformationEdit

We only have 1 city,which is our capital.

We have 1 current state,Lugano by Riflemangrand

We trade as much as possible,feel free to send a request in the comments.

Thanks for reading about our glorious Nation,




Glory to NVR!

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