New OverionEdit

New Overion is a blosoming town located along the Araguari River on the North-Eastern coast of South America (Real World Location: Amapa, Brazil) that has a rich and unique history. New Overion is an important part of the Mahtava Voima empire, being one of the few settlements outside Europe, and is in constant need of protection from the hositilities of other nations trying to establish colonies in the region.


Established during the early 10th century, New Overion was once a bustling tribal city belonging to the local Amapa Tribe. The tribal natives evolved a rather advanced and amazing level of organization (given their technology level and that of their neighbors) in which they constructed grand cities of mud and wood in a grid-like system.

The Amapa people lived in this advanced city up until the later 19th century, when the first group of explorers - lead by Arthur Burch of the Global Science Association - from Europe arrived on the coast and soon discovered this magnificent city. Within 20 years, the Burch Expedition had established the Golden Quarter, a sector of the city where Asterian citizens were moving to and establishing a modern life style.

By the 21st century, New Overion was completely modernized and a loyal part of Asteria. The Amapa tribe split in two in 1941, where those seeking to continue their traditional way of life moved to camp near the main part of the town and those seeking a better life in Asteria stayed to partake in the modernization of their city (or town by our standards).


Here are some brief facts about New Overion:

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