New Esquealian Rabies Strain (NERs) Edit


What it is?Edit

NERs (Or New Esquealian Rabies Strain) is a virus found among 6 individuals on July 2030,this virus was identified as a new strain of the well-know Rabies virus,NEQHA adviced vaccination of pets,animals,dogs,etc. But,the population did no attention to this,as they just prevented to be bitten,they didn't know that ONLY infected animals showed signs of extreme violence,bitting their owners.

How can it be prevented?Edit

Currently,the only prevention is vaccination and avoiding to be bitten,but the last is not working due to violence in infected animals,making it more likely to infect their owners

How it Works and How it Kills?Edit

NERs Takes up from 1 hour to 5 days to show symtomps,it just depends on the location of the bite and the quantity of the virus injected in the time of the bite,it travels up the PNS (Peripheal Nervous System) Up to the CNS (The Spinal Cord and the Brain),when it gets to the CNS the virus is fatal if left untreated,lethality nears 80%


Cure:DONE (100%)

Steps taken to prevention:NONE

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