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The New Dakota Republic was formed when the Mexican dominance over North America fell. Mexico recognised the joint independence of South and North Dakota, becoming the New Dakota Republic. Since then, the Republic has claime the land in the states that were onceMontana, Wyoming, Minnesota and parts of British Columbia. The Republic is a medium-sized nation within the American Union, lead by a Prime Minister.

The two main political parties in Dakota are the Dakotan Democratic Party, and the Dakotan Republican Party. The party currently in power is the Dakotan Republican Party, with dominance in the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

New Dakota Republic

"Liberty and Union"

Anthem: "The Star Spangled Banner"

Capital Bismarck
Largest city
National Language(s)

English, Spanish

Demonym Dakotan
Government Constitutional Republic
 -  Prime Minister Juan Piaf(R)
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Rolf Wolfheim(R)
 -  Speaker of the Cabinet Warren Felonhammer(D)
 -  Secetary of State Oscar Rogers(R)
Legislature Congress
 -  [


 -  [


House of Representatives
Independence from the People's Republic of Mexico
- Declared July 17, 1990


-Recognised July 18, 1991

Total 383,177  km2

238,095 sq mi

Water (%)
  • 15241495


The Dakotan military is mainly focused around the Army and the Air force, though the nation does operate a small naval base in Duluth, Minnesota, Ohio.

Dakota's Military High Command sits in it's capital, Bismarck.


The Dakotan Army is one of the key armed regiments of the American Union, working closely with the Air Supremecy of California, and the Naval Supremecy of the North Atlantic Republic.


Headquartered in Duluth, Ohio.

Air ForceEdit

Working closely with Californian air regiments, this is far from Dakota's primary force, yet still remains a very effective, and technologically advanced force within the American Union.

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