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The Nationalist Chinese EmpireEdit


National flag of TNCE

TNCE is a small nation n the southern border of Manchuria. Is mostly a trading nation and manufacturer.


Was created in 2018. Became a vassal of the FDK on may 5, 2018. was created by chinese nationalist escaping communist forces. The Nationalists wish to free china rom the communists and make a grand chinese empire. 3 years after karkland rule when Dalani was complete the military and civilians overthrew the govenor-general and made an idpenednt nation.


Democratic Republic

  • President
  • Congress
  • Supreme court


75% christian


12% bearkinism

Trade productsEdit

Computers, cell phones, cars, planes, video games, weapons, and lumber.


  • none
  • none
  • none

Trade partnersEdit

  • none
  • none
  • none



  • KMG-12(Heavy tank)
  • KMG-5(Medium tank)
  • KMG-1(transport)


  • KMG-13(sniper rifle)
  • KMG-24(assualt rifle)
  • KMG-3(heavy machine gun)
  • Gundair(sidearm)


  • KML-11(fighter)
  • KML-18(light jet bomber)

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