A generally new settlment that has sprouted up in the past few years. It is one of the largest villages in the Southern Garshee District and is home to the District Governor. This settlement is known for taking part in one of the government's new plans called "Project Enhance". This project supplied new protypes for multi-purpose farming machines. They are bascially four-wheeled machines that can plow, water, and harvest crops. It only needs people to plant seeds. This was a huge success and allowed the village to grow and become a large supporter of Garshee.


Moolkan nowadays is connected to Garshee via the underground railways and supplies it with many rescources including rice and wheat. It also works to teach other villages in the area to use the farming machines. Hopefully one day these other villages will thrive and therefore teach others of this technology. The citizens of Moolkan are proud to lead the way to a greater economy in the GKR.


Population: 785

Location: Northern part of Korean Peninsula

Major Exports: Rice, Wheat

District: South Garshee District

District Governor: Fint Denett

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