A Brief History: Edit

   Monaco is a small country on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, within the real life borders of France. The small nation was the product of an eccentric Billionaire(James Radcliff ll), who, in the eighties decided that he was fed up with the governments of large nations. He was going to create his own nation. The first thing he was going to need was land, however this presented no problem for him as he owned one of the most successful land developement corporations of the time. After purchasing his four square miles of land he began construction. He spared no cost building the most advanced city in the world.

    James Radcliff, after finishing contruction on his masterpiece declared independence from the main country. As expected, the previous rulers of the land were not exactly thrilled that a fairly large chunk of their land had been taken away. They figured that they could solve the problem by sending several thousand troops to escort the building teams out of the country and re-raise their own flag. However, James was not going to let his country be taken. As the country of Monaco had no real army the only thing to do was hire one. James spent quite a large amount of money purchasing 500 highly trained mercenaries. THe fight between the two armies is the only recorded battle in Monaco's history. Upon meeting the mercanaries, the opposing team fired several warning shots. After several minutes the Monacons were not backing down. And so a real battle began. After fighting for ten minutes, and losing nearly an eighth of their men the opposing army followed orders to retreat. The land was won! In the following years the country flourished, and for a time it was a central location for culture, art, and education.

    However, after James Radcliff ll's death in 2005, the country fell to pieces. The citizens refused to give up and looked to a time, when they would finally have a strong leader. The country went through several rulers who failed to acomplish anything within their rule. After, the countries geneticist searched for several years they finally found what they were looking for! The great great grand son of King James ll. The people of Monaco delighted with the fact that they might finally have a strong ruler, and a royal party was sent to recieve the new king. When King James lllll finally took the throne, in 2056, he looked out at this small nation in despair. The once glorious capitol city was now outdated, the military consisted of 100 milita men, and even worse, his people were losing hope. Will he be able to bring this nation back into the glory that it deserves, or will Monaco be forgotten forever?

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