Tower of Chaos is a settlement at the right side of Gulf of Tunis. Normally this is just a village, but since we founded diamonds, it been a town, with more people streaming to.

In old times, it was sayd they was a large blue "laser" up to Chaos, but after an earthquake, the "laser" didn't exist anymore.

In legends it is told that, the "laser" is stopped by a giant diamond. finding this will make the founder the richest man in EOEP. But soon we will get revealed what it realy was....


Diamonds, has been mined since a farmer founded a diamond on his farm.

Wine, this is the best wine in Laginia.

Water, this is a fresh mineral water from Laginia, also exported to rest of world.

Wheat, this was normally a farmer village, but since the diamonds, the use of wheat exploded.

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