The Military of United Federation of ScotlandEdit

This is the military of Scotland, we just finished a war with Ireland this is scotlands first official war. Operation Blades Edge was a success.
Scotland coat of arms

Scotland's coat of Arms

Military HistoryEdit

Our Military goes back far, starting in medeival times, a good example is the Wars of Independance when Scotland won its independance from England.

Scottish independence

The Independence Wars

Current Status of the MilitaryEdit

  • Active Forces: 535, 793
  • Reserve: 268, 215
  • Army's: 6
  • Navy Ships: 48
  • Airplane's: 326


​Operation Blades Edge: (Succesfull operation)

(Step One): Blockade Ireland's ports, Defeat Ireland's navy.

(Step Two): Full invasion of Ireland, Capture Dublin.

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