Rover 2300144b

Farvod Moon Rover

MESA was founded in 2014 it was very small back then but had a few members and worked with the Iranian Space Agency mostly.They have launched various sattalites and worked with the Iranian Space Agency to make a Military Sattalite with a Laser on it sort of ones like Iranian Corvettes that will blind the drone and this new technology can shoot down other sattalites if they are spying.MESA Currently has the largest telescope in the world which is in India in the himilayas in its laboratorys.It has it's HQ's in Tehran and launches Shuttles and Sattalites in Iran most of them.


Landing on Moon: completed

Space Station: Completed

Advanced Sattalites: Completed

Unmanned mission to Mars: (ongoing)


Sattalites: Gujarat-23 Civilian Sattalite,Omid II Civilian Sattalite,Satar-1512 MESA.

Outer space international space station concept art 1366x768 wallpaper 57

MESA CH-12 Pegasus Space Station

Kachan-230 MESA,Arian-32 Military Sattalite. Rovers: Farvod Moon Rover,Kiana. Shuttle: Simurgh-SLV (On a mission),Shabab-132.



HQ: Tehran,Iran

Main Laboratory: Gorgan,Iran

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