The State of MetroEdit

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Flag of Asteria United Technocracy

Welcome to the official state website for the Asterian state of Metro. Metro is one of the the strongest and most strategic states in the Asterian United Technocracy , being located in Italy, a region filled with nations known to be hostile towards Asteria. The people of this great state do not spend their lives in fear nor under constant attack, however; it has been argued that Metro citizens are amongst the strongest and bravest in the world. In fact, this has been argued so often the State is refferred to as "The Willful State" by most of the country! The State of Metro is a young state, having recently just gained statehood.

More information shall come as this state developes and expands and continues to incorporate its self into Asteria!


Misc. information about The State of Metro.

  • Population: 597,996
  • Governor: (Xoshi)
  • Tourism Directory: (Coming Soon)
  • State Resources: (Coming Soon)
  • State Trade Rating: Grade A
  • State Militia: (Coming Soon)
  • News Network: Kansat (KAN)

State SettlementsEdit

The following are proud cities of the Metro State:

  • Metro City [City] 4R]
  • Petoria [Town] [4R]
  • (Coming Soon)

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