450px-Flag of Saar (1947–1956).svg

Mestrov's Flag


The armed forces of the small island are some what smaller than most nations, but the army itself is very elite. The General of the Mestrovian Armed Forces (MAF) Is Fergi Volsof. The navy, being on an island, is large for the nations' size, it consists of: 45 frigates, 38 patrol boats, 25 destroyers 13 submarines, 10 battleships, and 5 aircraft carriers. The Admiral of the Mestrovian Navy (MN) is Gehoniv Maschono.


Resources/Exports include: Steel, Iron, Titanium, Fruits, Vegstables, Coffee, and Lumber. The MR trades with: VVZBR.


Allies: The Roman Empire, and the Belkan Pact of States.

Coalation: In Steel Modum


The Island's people come from Jamaica, most of the poeple there speak different languages, so the country is multi-lingual, making it easier to speak with different persons. The 2070 Census concludes: 37%: Christian, 23%: Muslim, 10%: Jewish, 10%: Hindu, 10%: Buddhist, 9%: Rastafarian, 1%: Atheist. There are 13,000,000 people living in Mestrov, and the population increase every year is 1.34

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