A City in the United Empire. a Proud city that was 50% made by two people (Cyber and Matt) but do to cyber being part of the Untied Empire when it was made it stays with us. Matthew lV has place the city nice making it a useful oil and stone area. Holding the worlds biggest park. It makes a awsome place to like plus a epic place to go on vacation. Plus near by the small town of Flower. Makes it a perfect area to live.


Flag For Matt

Flag of the United Empire.

We use this area to also for owning scoutland making it the city of the scouts. It is the most populated area in the world that scoutish people live. It is a perfect area to find a job do to the many factorys. Has a small trade market too.

History: Was the city of scoutland till it was renamed Mentor to to it founding father Cole Mentor. It was his his father that found Town of Matthew. And he father was best friends with King Mathew l making him rolay.

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