The Empires of Earth Project is a community run project, meaning you do not need permission from an admin to make a nation. BUT said nation MUST follow the following guidelines:

Step 1: Join Universal Mini Builders.

(If you are already in UMB, skip to Step 2) Before RPing, you MUST join UMB so you can RP. You cannot just claim a nation on the wiki but never join the group. One must wait for a Board of Directors or Djzman to accept you into UMB (Its a accept/decline system to keep deleters, spamers, etc out). Once you join, proceed to step 2. The group is found here

Step 2: Discuss your claim.

Often, many people claim land other playerstates claim, leading to conflicts and fights. To avoid this, discuss what territories are open or not on the group wall and on the wiki. You could also check out sirlegolot's map (NPC territories are gray) here.

Step 3: Review the Black List

Several playerstates and NPCs are deemed too powerful, influential, or crucial to RP to be taken by an unapproved member. Review the Black List found here to make sure your claim does not interfere with a black listed nation. Since most black listed nations own more or less then they do in real life, its best to ask a Director or the CEO on which territories are open and which ones are not. If you are approved by the CEO or a Director, you can be a black listed nation.

Step 4: Make your wiki page.

ALWAYS make your wiki page before RPing. Even just making the page it's self but nothing in it and then RPing is good (although be sure to finish it later). Wiki pages decide if your nation exist or not, so be sure to make one ASAP. Your wiki page can include your nations history, culture, military, attractions, politics, etc. Several good examples of a wiki page are Hawai'i-QatarRepublic of CaliforniaRepublic of Greater Melanesia, and the Autonomous Community of Spain. Side Bar found here.

Step 5: Build your capital city.

(Note: You do not have to build a settlement before RPing, but it is highly recommended.) Now that you got your claim and wiki page down, its time to work on your first settlement: your capital city. Choose what size you want it to be (Village, Town, City, Metropolis). You can always upgrade your settlement later. Follow this guide while you build it. A check list is recomennded.

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