In order to start your own faction, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Be a member of Universal Mini Builders

Simple, right? However, there are some rules you must follow in order to avoid conflicts, and they are:

Start your faction in unclaimed territory:Edit

You have to make sure your lands don't belong to anybody else, discuss with the community or check the map and see where do you think it's proper to settle.

Base off the region's culture:Edit

Depending on where you settle, the cultural influence will affect your faction, make sure to adopt this culture, otherwise there may be a conflict with moderators. (Colonies are allowed to have other cultures.)

Make a wiki page for the faction:Edit

In order to be considered an actual faction, you must create a wiki page for it, including information about it's rulers, it's cultures and it's territories. Remember, you must have done this in order to participate in the project.

Build and develop:Edit

After you have done all of this, begin constructing your faction, please, don't forget to read the settlements guide in order to be fully aware of how much settlements and in what scale you have to build.

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