• Transportation Method
  • 12 Natural Resources;
  • Settlement occupies around an area of 100x100 studs;
  • Power Sources present are at minimum 5 while at maximum 8;
  • Access to a Fresh Water Source
  • A Downtown Core (Skyscrapers & Highrises); 
  • Suburban Area (Suburbs);
  • And the following structures are built:
    • School, 
    • Hospital, 
    • Court House,
    • Recycling Plant OR Garbage Dump,
    • Library, 
    • Bank, 
    • Market, 
    • University, 
    • Emergency Services (Fire, Police, etc.),
    • Museum,
    • Theater OR Concert Hall,
    • Media Station,
    • >1 Monument (with wiki pages for them),
    • Convention Center, 
    • Jail,
    • Stadium, 
    • Waste Treatment Plant,
    • World Trade Center AND/OR Stock Exchange.

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