"We are a wise people, strong of mind, and brave in heart"

Granger Gandaph I sr. heralded an age of unified tribes. Starting in the summer of 1978, he journeyed from his home tribe with a vision of the future, a vision of peace, a vision of prosperity. The journey was not without challenges of course. 20 years after he started, the fruits of his labor blossomed after his "untimely" death on the eve of his son's(Granger Gandaph I jr.) 13th birthday(10/13/98), and in the following morning he claimed his father's vision as his own. Shortly after, G.G. I jr. reaped the harvest and there stood a single, unified tribe. They named themselves after their homeland, they were the Madagascarians.

G.G. I jr. is given credit for implementing several key offices, similar to those found in the (real life)U.S. G.G. II sr. came to power after the eve of his 21st birthday, the same eve that G.G I jr.,his father, also had an "untimely" passing. only three years after claiming his title, he received contact from a people who called themselves "Ohmairhekahns."

G.G. II jr. claimed his title the same fashion as his own father. Being the fourth leader to come to power like that, many were skeptical to the cause of G.G. II sr.'s death. G.G. II jr. simply stated that "when the (holy?) vision passes to the living son, it leaves the father lifeless." Most people believed this, but some skeptics still remained. The remaining skeptics were soon forgetful of their skeptisism when more "Ohmairhekahns" visited with news of the outside world. G.G. II jr. insisted on a policy of isolationism so that "my people remain 'uncorupted' and pure."

G.G III sr. was the "progressivist", reforming many laws and regulations to "better the knowledge and behavior of my people", indeed, many Madagascarian hobbies included but were not limited to: sabotaging fisshing vessels just for laughs, placing pitfal traps in heavy commuted areas just for laughs, and hunting the local endangered species for fun. This was a process that took many years which extended into the regime of the current "President" Granger Gandaph III jr.

G.G. III jr. sought to conform his people to a more "civil" appearance, and did away with his grandfather's policy of isolationism. G.G. III jr. also wishes his people to be seen as a country, not a tribe.

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