Without units, what will you war with? Potatoes?

D = damage(Each time you hit a round, this number is taken away from the health)

H = health(When reaching 3, unit can be taken prisoner. When reaching 1, unit is KO. When reaching 0, unit is dead.)

S = speed(Unit with highest speed moves first. The value says how many studs unit may move a round)

M = mana(Spells cost mana)

P = spellpower(Which level spells unit can use)

R = ranged damage(like damage, just ranged) (Ranged units can hit anything which they can see, admins will cast a dice, where 1-4 are hit and 5-6 are miss)

Also, remember: trolls regenerates 2HP each time they get their turn. Cannot heal over max.

Melee unit(1/5th of a value)Edit

Standard: D4 H10 S11

Human, Dwarf: +H4 -S3

Orc, Troll: +D4 +S3

Can take prisoners

Ranged unit(1/5th of a value)Edit

Standard: D2 H10 S9 R4

Dwarf: +R2

Elf: +S3

Mounted unit(1/3rd of a value)Edit

Standard: D6 H20 S15

Orc: +D3 -H5

Dwarf: -S3

Magic unit(1/3rd of a value)Edit

Standard: D2 H10 S9 M10 P5

Orc: +D1

Fel mages: Can kill prisoners for mana 1 to 1.

Elemental unit(0 value)Edit

Standard: D4 H15 S9 M10 P6

Demon unit(0 value)Edit

Standard: D4 H15 S9

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