Lissabon Edit

Lissabon is a thriving Village in Auronitias colony of Lissabon. Lissabon has a current population of 782 people and is planned to remain a village for many years to come. Lissabon is very famous for it's Villas and whitewashed houses. The Houses in Lissabon have the classical Redish-Orange tiles. Tjough houses are nice in Lissabon the most beautiful thing is the landscape Lissabon hs beautiful cliffs and amazing beaches making it a thriving tourist attraction.

  • This is Lissabons beach. As you can see Lissabon is situated on a cliff. On the other side of this cliff is Lissabon's port.
  • Lissabons port is one of the busiest ports in Europe supplying fuel to ships trying to get to VVZBR's ports and canals instead of going through the Mediterranean sea and getting taxed by VSL.
  • This map shows the location of Lissabon in Europe.

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