Founded in 1937, this city is the capital of the Aristocratic State of Jinasus located a little north of Shanghai. It is located in a fertile land where it is not too cold. Pop: 60723. The government is pretty stable currently, but many people want the government to be a democracy and there have been riots.


Some of its most important industries and agricultural resouces are salt from the sea and fine wine. This community is very self-sufficient and trades surplus goods over seas to nearby nations. There is a major shipyard here and a customs house. The beachs are nice.

Religon and LearningEdit

There aren't any major religon yet. In this city, learning is very highly valued. The National Insitute od Technology is based here. The National Museum of Art is based here.

Military forcesEdit

The naval and special operations forces of Jinasus are based here.

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