Lesser Poland Commonwealth Province

Malopolskie rzeczpospolita prowincji




Malopolska CoA

"Through the Grace of god"(English translation)

"Dzięki łasce Bożej" (traditional Polish)

Anthem: "Mazurek Dabrowskiego"


Largest city Krakow
Official languages





Lesser Poland Commonwealth Province is a Province of the Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland, Situated in the Mid west of the country. The Province is made up of three Voivodeships. Lesser poland, Radom, and Czestochowa voivodeships. The province is bordered by the Silesian commonwealth Province, Greater Poland Commonwealth Province, Masovian Commonwealth Province, Podlesian commonwealth province and Transcarpathian Commonwealth Province.

The main city in the Province is Krakow. Krakow is the largest city and is situated north of the Bespids. It is the 3rd Largest city in what is contemporarily known as Poland Proper, and the 9th Largest city in the country. The city contains major links to Silesia, which makes it economically secure as it ties the Western world to the majority of southern and eastern Poland.


The Region is majority made up of Ethnic poles with 89% of the population. A large minority of ethnic silesians, and Ethnic Ukrainians exists. Krakow is home to a large Slovak and Czech immigrant population following the invasion of both nations by the alliance between Austro-Bavaria and Hungary.

The majority of the region is religously Catholic with minorities of lutheran and Eastern orthodox.

Other informationEdit

The region is home to the majority of the production for the BUMAR group KTO rosomak Production.

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