Village in middle is Lenburme, the capitol.

Lenburmia is a newly created country, currently made up of two small villages, and will soon add one large naval base, and another village.


The governemnt is made up of 10 representatives, 5 for each of the two current villages, Lenburme and Upcliff. It is planned to add an additional 5 for the planned vilage of Upward, and another 2 for the under construction naval base of Skyola.


Currently, farmland is small. Three farms and two platoons of fishing boats provide some food. Most food is received from elsewhere. Our principal resource is coal, which we receive from our mine to use in our small power plant to power the capitol, Lenburme. Upcliff has taken a different route and is supplied with electricty from Hotcher Dam. We also use our coal in a synthetic fuel plant, since oil is not very common in our area. Using the Bergius process, we make coal-dervied synthetic gasoline.


There are plans to build one new village, agreed to be named Upward. There are also plans to expand Upcliff. Recently, the board approved plans to build a giant city, named Lenburme, next to the already under construction Naval/Trade base, Skyola Military Center. The Village of Lenburme will be renamed to Lenninberg. Also, at the mouth of Lennerd River, a large hydroelectric dam shall be built to provide power to Skyola Naval Base, and all of Lenburme. Upward will be provided electricty from one of two ways, to be decided later, either being by windmills, or natural gas, which has been found in small pockets inside the coal mines.


RobloxScreenShot03252012 134318702

The Thriving Arch!

Currently, for transportation across Lennerd River, there is one small bridge in the center of what will be Lenburme. However, construction just finished, and soon, The Thriving Arch shall open. It has been built over the last year, a remarklby short period of time. As you can see in this picture, there is nothing in the background. That is the location of future Lenburme, as construction for the buildings has just begun.

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