Laboratory X71 is the main and only research center on New Esqueal


The Current Research projects of the lab are: Studying and Understanding the Noosphere,Study on Radioactive Materials and Military Research for the NEQ Army.The Main Building also research more projects like Society and Medical Technologies,The Antenneae is an building used for the Noosphere study,but we can't reveal any further details about this.


To Keep Strangers out,the Lab uses a Double Military Checkpoint,it has wall around all sides guarded with Turrets and Snipers ready to take anyone without indentification out...Maybe out of Earth,But that's okay..

Out of the 4,000 Soldiers in NEQ,1,000 Are in X71.

Also,there's a Underground bunker under meters in the factory,this bunker is designed to resist a direct nuclear attack,and has enough food,water and military supplies to last 15 years.Just as i said,the bunker is designed to protect all the Scientitists and Military Personeel in case of a Foreign Nuclear Attack,and to ensure reconstruction later when the radiation is cleaned.

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