This is a list of relations of Kriegizstan.

NOTE:This list only contains nations that are recognized by Kriegizstan(Nations that actually get online at least once a month, or at all.).

How it worksEdit

Here's how they work.

Each country get's it's own "Heading 2" page.

On it will be a Bulleted list with either a "+5" for good and a "-5" for bad.

Neutral nations will just have nothing on them.


  • .


  • .

Eastern Roman EmpireEdit

  • .

Federative Districts of KarklandEdit

  • +5 - We asked to send them supplies for rebuilding and they accepted.


  • .

Nuovo Imperio RomanoEdit

  • .


  • .

Union of United FreedomEdit

  • .

Flandic RepublicEdit

  • .

Communist Republic of JutlandEdit

  • .

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