The Korean Code of Honor, or Doju Kangi Janson, is a code followed by South Karklandic Troops since the formation of South Karkland. It is a very strict code, and ALL South Karklandic troops are to follow it.

History behind itEdit

Bangeu Rason, Emperor of Joseon Karkland in the 400's, has developed a very strict code, in which, the troops must be trained to be Gurellia, and they must fight to the Death for their Leader of Emperors Honor. Anyone that fails to win for the Emperor, must be ashamed of themselves, and they have to do their duties in order to follow the code. Bangeu reinforced this code on his Soldiers, during the War with the Local northern Korean Tribes.

RULES that the Followers must follow:

1. Must be Disciplined, obedient, and Brutally trained to become a True warrior.

2. Must promise to the Oath of Trust.

3. If Airforce Pilots are fighting in a VERY Violent battle, one of the planes must Kamikaze (Divine Wind) into the enemy for his honor.

4. He, the Honorable, must fight to the Death and Die for his Emperor, during a war..

5. Never talk about them (the West) Publically.

6. Not allowed to Drink Alcohol, Gamble, Over react, and Demand.

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