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History of the capitalEdit

Kofikia was not always the capital. From 1894 to 2005 the capital was moved from Louisville to Kofikia.

1189-1307- Kelpto

1307-1897-Totanio/Fort Rose

1897-2005-Louisville (Liberia)

2005- Kofikia

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Kofikia is about the size of seventeen football fields. Kofikia has 4 main skyscapers of sometimes called the Main Four throughout MME. These are the main four. (from left to right)

-Double Skies

---This building is a tower with two extended towers reacheing out both with diffrent lengths,

-Ember Tower

---This building is 7 tears tall. Each of a fiery color as you go up the color grows lighter. This is the tallest tower in MME at 8,967ft tall. Thsi tower has business on tears 1-4 and housing on 5,7 and recreation and shopping on 6.


---OAO stands for the One And Only this tower extends up toward the sky and has 4 tears each of different size. This tower has housing.

-Thin Sky Tower

---This tower has many thin tears about 10ft wide each reaching toward the sky. The tears colors grow darker as you go higher. This tower has offices and space programs.

Along with these towers are two parks Square Rose Park and Long Park.

Also there are hundreds of buildings surronding them.


Kofikia has 27,008,609 citizens living in it. Kofikia 's oldest building is Double Skies built in 1992 when Kofikia was just a city. ANd its newest tower is Thin Sky Tower which was built in 2012. Kofikia's mayor is Michael's brother Ethan who is 18 years old. Michael was born in his mothers penthouse on floor 7 in Ember Tower. Kofikia was set up first by Geogre in 1745 with the set up of the city bounderies. In 1991 the whole originial city was burnt down in The Black Fire when it started from a fishing boats engine exploding after traveling the Black Sea from Georgia.

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