The following page is about a NPC nation.


The Kingdom of Tafea was founded in 2001 after the fall of a Vanuatan kingdom. The kingdom was based in the Tafea district of vanuatu and came to power with aid from Anti-melanesian parties in The Solomon islands. The nation was lead by General Pedersen as an authoritan regime. General Pedersen was an Anti-Melanesian enthusiast and was considered to be a close personal friend of General De Longe, Aswell as a highly respected member of anti-melanesian political societies.


During rule The Kingdom of Tafea is the only nation to undergo complete eradication of indigenous Melanesian population. A campaign spear headed by the Caldoche Union of New Caledonia who had fialed for years to do the same in their own country. While much of the population was killed many of the population escaped to Fiji. The kingdom has long been aided by other Anti-Melanesian island nations in the south east Solomon islands and is in a Military pact with many in the event that it is attacked by any reclamation forces. Up until 2023 the nation was in a permanent alliance with The Caldoche Union of New Caledonia. Following the fal of the Union General pedersen briefly attempted to claim leadership over New Caledonia but this effort failed. When The Kanak republic of New Caledonia was formed it declared a state of hostility with any Anti-Melanesian nation so by technicality The Kingdom of Tafea is at war with New Caledonia.

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