Flag of Rylona


  • Population - Approx. 850,000
  • Military Size: Approx. 75,000
  • Currency - Rylan Dollar(s), RYLD (0.59 Euros)
  • Government Type - Absolute Monarchy
  • Nation Adjective - Rylonian
  • Primary Imports - Weaponry, Medical equipment.
  • Primary Exports - Silver, Fruits
  • Capital and Largest City - Rylosia



Location (Blue)

The Kingdom of Rylona is a small monarchy that formerly owned South-West France and the Balearic Islands (And neighbouring islands)


Years ago Rylona was strong and feared. It was the beast of the Mediterranean, then came Laginia (DarkIvor) they were also quite strong, and Rylona became close friends with Laginia.

Soon after, Rylona tried to de lost land everyday, fighting on many fronts all over the Mediterranean. The first place to fall was their former capital in Cyprus. Merely 3 weeks later, Sicily and Crete were lost and after that, Sardinia was also lost. Rylona only had a part of South- France and The Balearic Islands.

Rylona has recently been annexed by Spain, resulting in Rylona becoming a legend. People that had ancestry in Rylona tried to revive it, and now Rylona is a Principality, like Monaco.

Diplomatic RelationsEdit

  • Trading Pact: None at the moment
  • Defensive Pact: None at the moment
  • Military Pact: None at the Moment
  • Non-Agression Pact: Laginia
  • Tension: Castillian Kingdom of Spain
  • War: None at the Moment

Religions of RylonaEdit

40% Chaos (Religion of Laginia)

25% Christian

15% Islam

15% Other

5% Rylanai (Ry-La'an-I, an old religion forgotten after being annexed.) Religion:Rylona

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