Belgian Flag

Belgian Flag

Belgium, officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country comprised of mainland Belgium, Belgian Congo, and Santo Tomás. Belgium has a population of 16,294,469 citizens and a GDP of $620.59 billion with a per capita income of 50,677. The currency of Belgium is the Belgian Franc.

Belgium is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy that consists of a Federal Parliament with a Senate and Chamber of Representatives located in Western Europe with a highly-developed economy. The current head-of-state of Belgium is Queen Océane, and the current Prime Minister is Maarten Pierre.

Belgium's capital and most populous city is Brussels.

Government of BelgiumEdit

130px-State Coat of Arms of Belgium.svg

State Coat of Arms of Belgium

Belgium has a Federal Parliament with an upper house, known as the Senate, and the lower house, which is known as the Chamber of Represenatives which are all headquarted in the "Palace of the Nation."

Queen of the Belgians:  Océane Marie Hélène

Prime Minister: Maarten Pierre

Deputy Prime Minister: Annemie Turtelboom

President of Senate: Annie-Marie Lizin

President of Chamber of Representatives: Bart de Wever

Belgian Royal FamilyEdit

The Belgian Royal Family or Monarchy of Belgium is a constitutional and especially popular monarchy. It was established in 1830 after Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands, and has prevailed through good times and bad. Currently, the Belgian Royal Family is facing an attempted rebellion by the political party known as the "New Flemish Alliance."

120px-Great Coat of Arms of Belgium.svg

Coat of Arms of Belgium

Queen of the Belgians: Océane Marie Hélène

Duke of Brabant: Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie

Prince of Belgium: Phillipe François Marie II

Princess of Belgium: Astrid Mendalo

Prince of Belgium: Laurent Marie de Belgique

Prince of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este: Joachim Armadeo Marcus d'Aviano

Princess of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este: Charlette d'Aviano

Prince of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este: Lorenz Joachim d'Aviano

Belgian Armed ForcesEdit

The Belgian Armed Forces is the national military of Belgium. The Belgian Armed Forces consists of a

Land Component, a Air Component, a Naval Component, and a Medical Component with a total number of 50,698 active personnel and 90,898 in reserve. It is responsible for the well-being and defense of Belgium as well as her overseas territories. The current Commander-in-Chief is Queen Océane.

200px-Coats of arms of Belgium Military Forces.svg

Coat of Arms of the Belgian Armed Forces

Belgian Land ComponentEdit

The Belgian Land Componet is the land-based branch of the Belgian Armed Forces. It has an estimated 16,000 military personnel.

Land Component Vehicles:

  • 61 Leopard 1A5s (Main Battle Tanks)
  • 364 AIVs (Armored Fighting Vehicle)
  • 82 Pandur Is (Armored Personnel Carrier)
  • 460 MPPVs (Infantry Mobility Vehicle)

Unarmored Vehicles:

  • 890 Iveco LMVs (Light Utility Vehicle)
  • 94 M-Gators (Light Utility Vehice)
  • 2084 Iltis' (Light Utility Vehicle)

Belgian Air ComponentEdit



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