King Artur Augustus Poniatowski is the constitutional monarch of the Commonwealth Kingdom of poland and the crowned territories. Upon his acession to the crown in 2013 Artur became King of the commonwealth however at which point he had no power. As the power of the crown was removed from his father by the sobiech regime. His power was regained as per constiutional ammendments and reversions that happened in 2032.

Artur was born in Krolowiec and strong minded from the start insisted that he be educated in the same way that any other pole would be, to prove his worth to the country. Several of his school friends have recieved honours from the crown as a result of his mainstream education. He married a noble woman of the Potocki Duchy(A ceremonial house) and had four children with her.

Through his reign he has been a visionary and republican sentiments have been all but destroyed by the poniatowski dynasty of late. Despite high press criticism during the sobiech era his popularity is at an all time high in the commonwealth. His grandson is styalized as a heart throb amongst teenagers and young women in poland, being active in philanphropic roles.

Early lifeEdit

Artur was born in poland, In Krolowiec where he grew up with his mother at the private residence ceded to the poniatowski dynasty in 1952 by the german government in prussia. His relationship with his father was distant and lead to the signing of the act of the people that removed the kings power in 1982. His fathers distant relationship with him led to the thoughts that he was not a suitable leader of the nation. which inspired and cemented the sobiech regime as it is known today(Named after the longest running prime minister not the first).

Acession and times of troublesEdit

in 2013 he ascended to the throne in the event of the death of his father. He was dubbed by corrupt government of the time as the king who could not bite, because he often spoke out against the government but had no power to do anything about it. This situation of outright speaking against the government came to ahead with an attempted assasination of the king which is presumed to have been organized by the sobiech regime itself. in 2031 the king became under house arrest for "Being against the will of the nation" in 2032 the riots that deposed the sobiech regime charged right up to his house taking out his guards. 10 people died in the riots as armed police fired upon them. 2 armed police were killed by a civillian who had taken a bullet to the chest. This civillian proceded to hand the royal banner to the king in an act that his deemed his true acession to the throne. This civillian has been given honors and has fully recovered the gun shot wound.

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