Kiev or sometimes Kijow is the Furthest eastern Settlement in mainland VVZBR, it is set on the islands and banks of the river Known as the dneiper or Dneipr river. It is of Town size.


Kiev is a distinct culture in the east of the VVZBR and is the epicenter of the Rus Rowniny Voivodiary Region. As such it is one of the most populous and culturally distinct towns in the area. The town features a tower with spire pointing to the east, This is made to signify that this settlement is the furthest eastern reach of the VVZBR and will Remain that way. Set on the dniepr river it has also been the center of Trade politics and commerce for the area for reasons such as the signing of the treaty of Kiev in 2070.


The town is set on the islands of the dniepr, however in the future there are plans for the settlement to spred onto the western bank of the dniepr where the Kievan ridge is situated.


The Economy in kiev is largely based of two things, First is the fact that it is one of the primary producers of Gas in the VVZBR due to large deposits under the Dniepr river. The second is the port at kiev which serves as a major port along the dniepr and is a busy part of the VVZBR Eastern european Voivodiary Canal Branch.

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